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Precision Cylindrical Engineering

We produce rollers and turned cylinders to any specification with high accuracy and to fine toelerances.

The Latest Technology

We are constantly updating our machinery to ensure the best finished product - our lathes are state of the art.

Welcome to Roller Turning Services

Roller Turning Services Ltd supports the Gravure printing industry by offering Precision Engineered Rollers and also dynamic balancing service in Bolton, North Manchester.

Roller Turning Services
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Precision Roller Engineering

Precision Rollers

We can precision engineer rollers to detailed specifications with high accuracy and fine tolerances. Our modern equipment and highly trained team will ensure your requirements are met.
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Roller Balancing

Dynamic Balancing

We have specialist equipment and facilities to balance any roller to meet any industrial standard. Whether it is a roller we have produced, or one that has been brought in for service or renovation.
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